DMIT for Students

Year in year out, education are widely published and the tussle over the entries to public universities and jobs applications are our ever ending journey. Everyone knows the need to have an education to success, or should We said Education Is The Shortcut To Success. Due to our circumstances and our educational system exist here, there are need to excel and obtained good grades in order to qualify a place at our public universities let alone of getting a full scholarship. Analysis states that, an average family spend on tuition fees per month 1200INR (include extra lesson like music, art, sports and etc…)

Parents are flocking to endless educational centers to get their children to learn whatever they think can make them a genius. Sad thing here is that the poor child and not forgetting the parents too are exhausted because of this educational demand. Not knowing of their child talents potential and intelligences, most children are over stressed on unnecessary learning skills and many take the exit because they no longer interested in it. Now both the child and parents feel devastated, disappointed and tensions arise. Neither the child nor the parents feel overjoyed here, time spent, money diminished, how much knowledge they gained!

yes, a question mark (?) !

Here, Vogueshaire’s DMIT  a  revolutionary system to help individual identify their innate (inborn) talents.

A Scientific Biometric Based Assessment Program which has 90% or more accuracy that identifies the most prevalent human intrinsic potential with the theory of human generic inheritance. Through decades of research, scientists find that our fingerprints implicit the simultaneously of development between our fingerprints and human brains neocortex.

The system introduces 4 dominant personality type, 5 Learning Style and 8 Multiple Intelligences, 10 Intrinsic potential of Brain and Learning Sensitivity Index. With thousands of possible combinations, it reveals how they can best be translated into education, personal and careers success.


D.M.I.T. reveals following information about a child or adult :

  • Intrinsic Potential
  • Multiple Intelligence Distribution
  • Dominant & Preferred Learning Style
  • Learning Communication Character
  • Allocations of various abilities
  • Psychological & Planning capability
  • Learning Sensitivity
  • Innate – Work Management Style

We help parents to understand the inborn intelligence level of their child. After the test, we provide free counseling to parents or applicants about the report. In this, we guide them to choose the activities or careers according to their inborn intelligence. For example, a child having high Linguistic intelligence can learn a foreign language instead of going for dance class.