Must Have Engagement Pics – Top Poses that you Just Can’t Miss!


Getting engaged? Don’t Miss out on getting captured in some of these Gorgeous Must Have Engagement Pics!
Who wouldn’t need to capture each moment, each feeling, and each expression of new love!

Must Have Engagement Pics.

#1 The Proposal!
without doubt, the first expression of your love is that the most special one! If you’re planing a romantic proposal for your better half (you should, you actually must!) – why not add a candid photographer to the plans and make certain he captures each very little moment!
If you’re going to have an arranged marriage and you’re thinking to propose to her in front of friends and family – don’t miss out to click the look of pure happiness on her face as you propose her!

#2 Seal it with a kiss
While you may be shy to truly perform this pose for your marriage album, it is a brilliant way to show to the world that you two are so much in love and ready to take your relationship ahead. And, what is better than sealing the deal with a kiss and showing off your ring with some PDA pose! Great, isn't it?

#3 Classic Couple Portrait!
Love adds color to your life… so we simply can’t stress this enough! Make sure you capture your love in atleast one good classic and eternal couple portrait that can be put up on your walls.
Whether its a royal pose at a regal backdrop or a candid shot capturing just the two of you and your warmth – choose your style and get it clicked pronto!

#4. Ring portraits
We are sure you must have spent a lot of time, effort and money on buying that gorgeous ring to seal the deal on your special day. These rings show your unconditional love for your partner. Although they will remain on your finger throughout your life, yet, giving your rings some special place in your wedding album will be pleasing. After all, who said only couples get their portraits done? The rings have a story too and they are better expressed so!

#5. A promise
Your engagement is a promise of a lifelong commitment that you take together with your partner, and the ring is a proof of that. Some emotions are best expressed when there are outstanding poses with simple and sweet memories reflected through them. The engagement rings are a promise in themselves. What better pose than this to convey the message?

#6. Family Frames!
Seriously, your family is probably even more excited for your engagement pics than you are! Don’t miss capturing these special recollections together with your nearies and dearies.

#7. Status Update!
Oh yes! In this trend of social media updates – the status update pose is a must do!
A simple ‘We are Engaged’ shout to announce to the planet that you’ve hit gold and you’re no a lot of single!

#8. Save-the-Date
And at the end, don’t miss that cutest ‘Save the Date’ reminders you’ll be sending your friends and family over whatsapp groups and other social media!

To announce the great start of your new love life in your own special way – this is one of the post engagement pics you just can’t miss!

Written Date

26 Oct, 2018