Must Have Solo Poses For Brides In Their Wedding Lehenga.


Gone are the days when brides would pose coyly in their wedding lehengas, their gaze barely meeting the camera lens. We understand your love for your wedding lehenga, and how you simply cannot get over it. After all, don’t you want a bridal portfolio that’s totally unique and one that you would want to show off to your friends over and over again?
So, before you get busy in the boring wedding rituals take out some time for these must have solo bridal poses.

The Mirror Pose
Making a bride move away from the mirror on her wedding day is really a very hard task. It seems as if the bride is asking “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of all”. And thus, a bridal pose capturing these moments is a must-have in every album.This one manages to catch a reflective moment just before the bride goes ahead with her vows. It captures a personal moment and is a simple yet classy pose.

The complete pose
A pose reflecting your beauty from top to bottom is nothing, but special. After all, you have spent alot of time and efforts to select your lehenga, matching jewellery, excellent accessories and the perfect makeup. A full length pose involves the bride standing in her magnificent beauty, complete with a festive background. Remember to make the portrait look complete - include flowers in the background if you must, but make sure the bride remains the focus.

Something sensual
Hey bride-to-be, please pose like this, for us? Such a dreamy capture. We love how the focus is on the bride's beautiful eyes while she holds her net dupatta in front of her. Plus, the black and white filter just makes it look even more sensual.

A sexy back pose
Now is the time to turn your back, but not really. A pose taken from behind with a beautiful background makes an extremely good treasure for the wedding album. So, whether you are waiting eagerly for your man to arrive or simply performing a ritual, make this photo a part of your album. All too often, a bride’s blouse gets neglected, since it gets covered by her dupatta. Get a photo of her back to capture the glory of her attractive hair and the graceful silhouette of her ghaghra.

Jump up high!
Happy brides are the prettiest and our real bride here just proves that with this entire bridal pose for photoshoot. Look at her all decked up in her wedding lehenga and jumping up high in the air. Obviously, she’s got her shoes on and you could totally do it wearing juttis. Don’t forget to show your beautiful smile ever!

The all important twirl
Well, as the name suggests, this one is for the brides who want to look their quirkiest best. The bride has all the freedom in this case- make funny faces or use props. It’s you at your funkiest best. Because brides totally have to twirl in their lehenga. Such a fun, happy picture this is! Spread out those hands, flash that gorgeous smile and let the camera capture your excitement and of course, your stunning wedding lehenga. This is truly one of the most atractive Indian bridal pose for photography.

Girl’s got swagger
Today's modern bride is no longer like a shy and sensitive one. This is the time to be your natural best. So, bring out your bubbly and sparkling persona. We can bet, this picture will turn out to be your all-time favourite. This one just looks so much more real! Put on those sunnies and go with the coolest ever expression that comes to you naturally.

The shy pose
Today's Indian brides are very confident and no longer shy. But a traditional veiled wedding pose should make it to your photo album. You'll flow our magificence and queenly aura in that pose. Those downtrodden eyes and hiding her face with that ghoonghat is still a best-selling shot and portrays the bride in the most graceful and mesmerising manner.

Close up pose
Every bride shines up on her wedding day and her beauty is best captured in a close up shot. A million dreams in her eyes, that excitement in her smile of meeting her beloved and the charming glow on her face are unparalleled and a must capture shot.

The Jewelery & Mehandi Pose
You can highlight your loveable jewellery by showing it off . Be it your maang tikka, chooda, necklace, or even your nath & richly painted mehendi design on hands reflecting the deeo and dark colour of love is a bride’s most graceful asset. So, do not hesitate to show it off and pose with your mehendi and your jewelery.

Written Date

26 Oct, 2018