Top Must Have Unique Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas you Just Can’t Miss!


If you are about to get married, we can bet a million dollars that the one thing that you are most excited about is your pre-wedding photo shoot. So if you’re thinking of getting a Pre-wedding Shoot & looking for Ideas as a couple, We bring you our Top Must Have Unique Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas you Just Can’t Miss!


⦁ Turn Into The mini You
Miniature shoots are the most recent trend in city. They appear goofy and loveable and most significantly build your pre-wedding album super unique!

⦁ Melodramatic Filmy Couple
Are you both a movie buff? Then why not make your pre-wedding shoot totally filmy. Pick up your favourite movie (Bollywood or Hollywood) and recreate it for your shoot. Pro Tip: Choose the most iconic of films that are full of drama.
Professional Tip: Go for the most popular picture of films that are jam-packed with drama.

⦁ Take the Plunge
Ready to take the plunge? Well, take it then & hold your breath while you hold hands underwater to get that amazing shot!

⦁ Love traveling together?
Go the extra mile, go get your Prewedding Shoot done at the picturesque Alwar, Udaipur, heavenly Kashmir or beautiful Leh Ladakh!
Professional Tip: Go for the most popular picture of films that are jam-packed with drama.

⦁ The Gourmet Couple
Are you the couple who happily watch Masterchef series or cookery along on weekends? Select this cute cookery theme for your pre-wedding shoot in this case and build everybody go “aww” at your footage.

⦁ Magically Together!
If you and your better half have a fairytale romance and completely believe the existence of magic within the world be sure to get a fairytale-themed pre-wedding shoot.

⦁ Like To Go On Picnics?
Are you the type of who likes to take strolls in a very park and take a basket of breads with some wine and cake to pay on a daily basis sitting on grass and talking? Then, this is the best theme for you!

⦁ Love Fitness?
What is a better place to get clicked than a gym if you both are fitness freaks and go gymming together?

⦁ Stunning Aerial Photo shoots
Nothing quite as romantic as a shoot from up above. It provides your love a full new perspective, doesn’t it!

⦁ If Stargazing Is Your Thing!
Love romantic top side dinners? and your plan of a romantic evening is gazing at the celebrities rather than every other’s eyes then a celestial backdrop would be excellent for your pre-wedding photos.

⦁ Falling in Love!
There is absolutely nothing that spins a magic as raw & romantic as being together in a natrual and beautiful waterfall!

For a lot of inspiring Prewedding Shoot ideas don’t forget to have a look at these amazing shots and let us know your favorite in comments below!

Written Date

26 Oct, 2018